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Solar Schools

Past Events
Solar Schools


Conferences and Meetings

UK-ISES has organised over 90 regional, national and international conferences and meetings throughout the UK.  Current conferences and lectures >>> 


Anyone wishing to become involved in meeting organisation, or to suggest a possible subject for future conferences, please e-mail the Secretariat.


The Solar Schools Forum

The Solar Energy Society participates in a project that is partially funded by the European Commission ALTENER Programme, the Solar Schools Forum.

SOLEIL aims to be a sophisticated and comprehensive on-line resource guide for UK solar and renewable energy information on the World Wide Web.

SunDay Events

SunDay is an annual event and is expanding rapidly across Europe. This expansion is even more pronounced in the UK where the number of events tripled from 12 in 1998 to 40 in 2001. We would like to continue this rate of growth.

The SunDay website has the latest news about SunDay across Europe constantly updated: www.sundayeurope.com

 Anyone who is involved in the renewable energy field, or even just interested, can become involved in organising a SunDay event.