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SOLEIL On-Line Guide

What is SOLEIL?

SOLEIL is a list of Web resources on the subjects of solar, renewable and sustainable energy within the United Kingdom.


What if my site's not listed

If you think that a particular URL deserves to be added to SOLEIL, we would be delighted to include it. Simply e-mail us with the URL you wish to include. Updates are scheduled once every three months.


I clicked on a resource, and my browser said that the site wasn't available

Links do expire, and whilst every effort is made to keep the list up to date, we would appreciate is you could let us know if you find a 'dangling' link. Again, these will be removed at the next update.

Sometimes sites are taken off-line for maintenance and upgrading, and sometimes the sheer weight of traffic across the Internet causes browsers to display an error. Try again when the traffic is less busy before reporting a fault.