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Commercial Organisations

Advanced Glazings Ltd
Advanced Glazings Ltd manufactures the world's first cost-effective transparent insulation for passive solar hot water systems, passive solar heating, Trombe Walls, energy efficient greenhouses and day/sky lighting applications.

BP Solarex
A combination of two of the world’s leading solar companies (BP Solar and Solarex), the company operates manufacturing plants in the U.S., Spain, Australia, and India. BP Solarex produces over 30 megawatts of solar electric products each year representing a 20 percent share of the global market. Although its headquarters are in Maryland, USA the company is part of BP Amoco.

PL Energy Systems
CCPL Energy Systems can design, supply and install Renewable Energy
systems for grid connection, remote supplies, recreational vehicles,
marine craft, off grid buildings etc. CPL don't just preach about Renewable Energy they practice it. CPL's office at Hoo Marina is powered by wind and solar energy, visit www.cplenergysystems.co.uk.

CPL Scientific Limited
CPL Scientific Limited was founded in 1987 to provide comprehensive consultancy, information and recruitment services to the life science industries as well as government bodies. They provide information on liquid biofuels through the Non-Food Agro-Industrial Information Dissemination (NF-AIRID) Network

EcoGen exists to develop and support clean energy projects.

Energy Equipment Testing Service Ltd. 
EETS is a renewable technology company providing monitoring services for PV and wind, test equipment for PV installers and manufacturers, renewable energy test centres, SUNVIEW PV displays, Hybrolight wind-PV streetlights, and many engineering services to industry.

Evans Engineering Ltd
"The Evans Family" have been water engineers for a long time and for the last 50 years have been self-sufficient with energy from their own waterpower installation. This is the homepage of the family firm.

Gamos Ltd
Gamos is a small but influential company working with renewable energy and clean coal technology.

Green Dimension
Green Dimension provide engineering and environmental consultancy services specialising in sustainable energy projects.  Green Dimension offer expertise in renewable energy technologies, such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, hydroelectric, wind turbines, biomass and ground source heat. 

Services include: feasibility studies, project management, energy strategy and specialist engineering analysis for state-of-the art low energy building design.

halo energy Ltd
Renew Your Energy
London based Halo Energy is the first independent marketing communications consultancy for renewable energy projects. We provide strategic advice for private companies and public sector institutions. We also assist businesses already actively involved in international trade to expand into new markets. 

Hydro-Electric is an expanding energy utility group, who operate many of the hydroelectric power plants in Scotland.

ICP Global Technologies
ICP Solar Technologies Inc, parent company of ICP Global Technologies, which develops, manufactures and markets leading advanced solar powered products for non-distributed residential, portable and mobile consumer markets. ICP Solar also holds ICP Asia, ICP Australia and ICP Solar UK and is privately owned and headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Imagination Solar Ltd
ISL offers simple, effective solar water heating systems at an affordable price. They have achieved this by building a partnership with an established solar energy company from the Netherlands called ATON, from whom they import most of their components. This enables them to tap into innovative patented renewable energy technology, ongoing research and development, and economies of scale from the large European market.

IT Power Ltd.
IT Power Ltd. is an internationally renowned renewable energy consultancy, which aims to provide sustainable energy services through innovation and dedication.

James & James (Science Publishers)
James & James are scientific publishers who specialise in renewable energy and environmental technology publications. Publishers of the internationally acclaimed World Directory of Renewable Energy Suppliers and Services (WDRESS) as well as the award-winning Renewable Energy World magazine on line.

John Wiley & Sons
John Wiley & Sons publish a number of journals and books in the renewable energy field, including the recent Wiley-UNESCO Energy Engineering Learning Package.

LabCraft manufacture LED and energy efficient fluorescent lighting for internal and external applications, already supplying BP Solar, Total Energie, Siemens ... to name a few.

Laranda Solar Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
Laranda Solar Technologies was formed at the end of 1997 to exploit the vast opportunities available in Malaysia for the use of Solar PV technology. They have managed to secure several major projects including the construction of a PV-diesel hybrid power system for a beach resort on an island in West Malaysia, a street lighting system in Kuala Lumpur as well as a grid-connected solar PV demonstration project.

Marconi Applied Technologies
Formerly EEV Ltd., Marconi Applied Technologies are a  leading European manufacturer of high efficiency GaAs solar cells for space applications. They also offer a full design and manufacturing service for complete solar panels for small satellite applications.

Midlands Electricity (MEB)
The home page of MEB, the Midlands Electricity Board.

NORWEB Energy Save
Energy-saving advice from NORWEB, the North West Regional Electricity Company.

The PVportal
is an initiative of the Dutch solar energy consultancy firm Ekomation. In June 2000 the PVPortal.com ™ started as a website, aiming to be your guide in finding your PhotoVoltaic related information on the Internet. The main goal is to provide the visitors of PVPortal.com with a complete picture of the PhotoVoltaic businesses worldwide and in the individual countries.

PV Systems 
PV Systems is the oldest UK installer of building integrated photovoltaics. It has hundreds of installations all over the UK, and can offer the widest range of solutions from small domestics to large commercial.

Refocus reports on all the latest developments in the renewable energy
industry worldwide and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and

Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) is a Sir Robert McAlpine group company engaged in the development of wind farms. RES has been active in the UK wind energy industry since 1980, and has specialised in wind farm design and development since 1989.

Riomay Ltd
Riomay's major activities are the specification, supply and installation of active solar heating products (Riomay being the European distributor for the NEG and TurboSun range of Solar equipment), and the provision of a full design and installation service for wind power generators. They also provide training and development courses for dealers, installers and building service operators.

SEPCO is a market leading organisation producing solar powered lighting solutions. Through their vision of a society powered by renewable energy sources, they have pioneered the application of solar in communities, developing some of the first solar powered illuminated street infrastructure in the UK.

SESL "Sun powered Energy Systems Ltd"
Designers and suppliers of fully operational renewable energy systems. From simple domestic homes to multinational groups. Many years' experience of working within a young industry.

solacalc is a shareware program for designing solar houses by calculating heat losses and solar gains in residential buildings, using interlinked worksheets and very extensive help. Based on New Method 5000, solacalc uses UK climate data to easily and quickly calculate thermal balances and financial analysis.

solarcentury is the UK's leading solar PV company. We design, source and install PV systems for businesses, homes and the public sector. We have the largest team of solar engineers in the country and are independent
from the fossil-fuel industry. solarcentury is also the sole UK distributor for the world's leading solar electric technologies.

The Solar Company
Main Dealer in South East England for Thermomax, with vast experience and expertise as Suppliers and Installers of Solar water heating systems. Domestic, Commercial and Local Authorities. Domestic Hot Water and Swimming Pools. A leading force in the solar industry since 1985.

The Solar Design Company
The Solar Design Company provide a huge variety of energy efficient and environmentally friendly power systems.

Solartwin offer affordable solar hot water for washing and bathing. Solar Twin Ltd, 15 King St, Chester CH1 2AH, tel 01244 403404.

Solar Water UK
A new company helping customers to switch to solar and offering free advice on domestic, swimming pool and community solar hot water systems.

South Midlands Renewable Energy Advice Centre (SMREAC)
SMREAC acts as a focal point for all aspects of renewable energy in the South Midlands. It is pro-active, stimulating interest in renewable energy throughout the region, and reactive in responding to requests for information and enquiries.

South Wales Electricity (SWALEC)
SWALEC (South Wales Electricity) provides vital energy to nearly one million customers in South Wales selling electricity to domestic customers, as well as providing the power and gas to many businesses around the UK.

South Western Electricity (SWEB) plc.
The home page SWEB, the electricity company that serves the South West of England. It includes minor details about its energy efficiency and renewable energy commitments.

Stark Software International Ltd
Stark are a UK-based developer of energy information systems. From this site you can get access to on-line utility reports and other energy information.

Taylor & Francis
The International Journal of Sustainable Energy publishes experimental theoretical and applied results in both the science and engineering of solar energy, (e.g. photovoltaic power, radiation data and systems employing optical concentration). The journal is unique in that it provides u-to-date information from Europe, North America, Japan and the developing nations. Papers on development achievements and original research are published, as well as review articles and new items and technical notes.

Thermomax is a world-wide company which designs, manufactures and exports solar thermal systems. Its international headquarters are located in Bangor, Wales. This page gives contact information for the company and all Thermomax subsidiaries.

The UK Energy Centre
Find the latest information about the leading energy management initiatives in the UK.

The Wind Fund
The Wind Fund is an investment company financing wind power and hydro-electric projects in the UK.

Yorkshire Electricity
As well as its electricity supply and distribution businesses, Yorkshire Electricity is expanding its gas supply and generation businesses.

Educational, Academic and Research Establishments  

The Anglian Centre for Renewable Energy Study
Study Centre for the dissemination of renewable energy information.

The Centre for Alternative Technology
The Centre for Alternative Technology is an internationally renowned and award-winning display and education centre with over twenty years of experience in sustainable technologies and practices.

The Centre for Renewable Energy and Systems Technology (CREST)
The Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), based at Loughborough University in the UK, aims to advance renewable energy technology so as to provide substantial and benign energy options for present and future generations.

The CTI Centre for the Built Environment
The CTI Centre for the Built Environment is based in the Welsh School of Architecture and the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Department of Fuel and Energy, Leeds University
The Department of Fuel and Energy is unique in the UK and is the only department dedicated to teaching and research in the areas of energy production and pollution control.

This site has been established by an independent consultant to inform people about the atmospheric carbon pollution crisis, with enough facts and a guide to a 'back of the envelope' calculation for anyone to convince themselves that we are really doubling the CO2 in the next 50yrs or so, plus a guide to the solution via photovoltaics and an estimation of a possible timescale for this solution within 40 years.

Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems Publishers, Oxford, UK 
(under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)) 
The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems brings together the work of many of the world's foremost scholars, experts, and policy-makers in all major fields, representing a broad spectrum of well-known leading academic and research institutions, professional organizations, government agencies, private enterprises, and policy planning bodies spread throughout the world, contributing to state-of-the art information and expert opinion on virtually every aspect of the life support systems on which we depend.

The Energy and Environment Research Unit (EERU)
Broadly, the work of EERU is concerned with the human energy system, the biosphere seen as a solar-powered system and the interaction between them. It is based in the Faculty of Technology of the Open University in Milton Keynes.

The Energy Group, University of Reading
The Energy Group of the University of Reading is based in the Department of Engineering, although members of staff from the Department of Cybernetics are also involved in both teaching and research as well as additional activities.

Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
The Institute is a research school of De Montfort University with several research departments committed to improving mankind's sustainability at both local and international level.

Millennium Energy Debate
The Millennium Debate is a non-profit making, registered charity in the UK to further Energy Education - a free information resource on the Internet.

School of the Built Environment at the University of Nottingham
The School of the Built Environment came into being in November 1997 with the merging of separate departments of architecture and building technology.

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies at the University of Ulster
It is one of the top five university research centres in the UK in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and is recognised internationally for work in solar energy.

Southbank University - Solar Car
This group claims to be the only British university that build and race solar cars. As well as applied research, they are involved in theoretical research; one of the Industrial Design students is currently developing an educational CD Rom about solar cars for his major project.

STREEM is a new training and education programme designed to provide the skills needed by the East Midlands' growing renewable energy sector.

Wood Supply Research Group
Located within the University of Aberdeen Department of Forestry, WSRG aims to develop systems, provide information and educated and train all who work in all areas of biofuels, including the Timber Industry and biomass energy.

Governmental Organisations  

The Building Research Establishment
The Building Research Establishment is the principal organisation in the United Kingdom carrying out research into building and construction and the prevention and control of fire.

DTI Energy and the Environment Programme
The DTI Energy and the Environment Programme aims to assess the impacts of proposed energy related environmental policies and regulation on UK industry, and their cost implications for the final consumer.

energytech.at is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology (Department for Energy and Environmental Technologies) of Austria and the E.V.A., the Austrian Energy Agency. energytech.at is a virtual exhibition and information platform for energy technologies in the area of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The Energy Technology Support Unit (ETSU)
ETSU is the UK government's executive agency for energy technologies, and offers a range of services in all energy fields, including renewable energy.

The Environment Agency
The Environment Agency is a non-departmental public body established by the Environment Act 1995. They are sponsored by the Department of the Environment with policy links to the Welsh Office and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

European DataBank Sustainable Development
As a project team of the Institute for Sustainable Development (I.Z.P.) and the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) we are managing a data base in which European
institutions and experts currently working on the subject sustainable development are registered. This "European DataBank Sustainable Development" allows easy access to information on experts and institutions
concerned with specific questions and problems of Sustainable Development.

Office for Electricity Regulation (OFFER)
OFFER is the Office for Electricity Regulation, set up to regulate the market in electricity after privatisation in the late 80s.

Non-profit Organisations  

The Arizona Solar Centre
The Arizona Solar Center is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating citizens about solar energy.

British Biogen
British Biogen is the trade association to the UK Bio-Energy Industry, and acts to promote and co-ordinate the commercial development of biomass as a renewable fuel resource for energy production in the UK.

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)
The British Wind Energy Association was established in 1979 as a professional association for those involved in wind energy research and development. Its mission is to promote the use of wind power - an abundant, clean and sustainable source of energy - in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

Builders without Borders
BWB are an international network of ecological builders who form partnerships with communities and organizations around the world to create affordable housing from local materials and to work together for a sustainable future. They believe the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but a local population trained to provide housing for themselves.

CADDET Renewable Energy
CADDET (an IEA Programme) provides both specific and general information across all of the renewable energy technologies.

Energy Conservation and Solar Centre (ecsc)
ECSC is a charity concerned with the development and implementation of programmes to create socially responsible sustainable futures through energy conservation and the use of solar power.

The Energy and Environment Programme
The Energy and Environment Programme of the Royal Institute of International Affairs provides independent, authoritative research promoting international debate on the political, strategic, and economic aspects of energy and environmental policy issues.

Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth have a wealth of energy and environmental information.

Friends of the Earth Local Groups
A comprehensive list of local FoE groups with Web Site.

Greenpeace's Solar Power in the UK
Greenpeace has made the adoption of solar power a key part of its campaigning through the 'Solar Revolution' initiative. There are several pages on its solar activities here.

Network for Alternative Technology and Technology Assessment (NATTA)
NATTA is the renewable energy network of the Open University's Energy and Environment Research Unit. It publishes the bimonthly RENEW newsletter.

The National Energy Foundation
The National Energy Foundation is an independent educational charity, based at Milton Keynes in the UK. Its objective is to work for the more efficient, innovative, and safe use of energy and to increase the public awareness of energy in all its aspects.

The UK Solar Energy Society
Formed in 1973, the SOLAR ENERGY Society is a non-profit organisation whose goal is advance the utilisation of the sun's energy both in the UK and world-wide. As part of this goal, it maintains SOLEIL, the UK Sustainable On-Line Energy Information Listing.

West Wales ECO Centre
The West Wales ECO Centre is committed to the advancement of public education in all aspects of energy conservation and energy use, particularly with respect to matters concerning the environment.

Wind Energy Organisations
Maintained by the Department of Applied Energy, Cranfield University.

World Renewable Energy Network (WREN)
WREN is a non-profit organization registered in the United Kingdom with charitable status and affiliated to UNESCO. It aims to promote the communication and technical education of scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in the field and to address itself to the energy needs of both developing and developed countries.


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